R & D Technology


ULUS Electronics is ready to provide service to its customers with high technology production lines.

Ulus Elektronik, conducts R&D and production activities in the coil winding and power electronics sectors. The R&D department aims to produce new materials, new products and devices by making use of available information from research and experience; to establish new processes, systems and services; has a team of highly qualified academics and engineers who are specialized in the subject matter of the company. In this case, we have adopted the designs and production for our customers in line with innovative, individual, technological and customer demands. Power electronics, home appli white goods, defense industry, telecommunication, lighting etc. R&D and production support we have given to leading companies in the sectors such as the innovative, the latest technology in accordance with the demands of the sector and has successfully signed many successful projects. As it has been then, we will continue to develop our customer-focused new R&D projects, transform our innovative ideas into reality and continuously develop our product range and proceed with sure steps in the sector.


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