General Production

Suitable solutions for every need

Ulus Elektronik serves to markets of Telekom, Defense industry, Information and Consumer Electronics with its Transformers, SMD Card mounting,Testing and Cable Harness. Some of the services we provide below are available.

Sağlanan hizmetlerden bazıları

  • - Windings circuit elements, design, manufacturing and R & D services.
  • - Electronic card and Device production for Defense Industry.
  • - Power electronics of white goods companies.
  • - Electronic card circuit and power electronics of telecommunication, lighting and sound systems.
  • - Printed circuit boards typesetting and testing.
  • - Manual assembling , Washing , coating, Temperature Test Chamber, X-ray , Laser Marker, warehouse and stock tracking systems.
  • - Cable Harness,
  • - Cable connector, grouping of military cables and connectors.
  • - Cable Tests.

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