Lean Manufactoring

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Continuous improvement activities carried out under the philosophy of "LEAN" will increase the quality of the production as well as cost advantages to our customers. In lean production culture, it is ensured that all kinds of waste (faults, overproduction, stocks, waiting, unnecessary jobs, unnecessary movements, unnecessary movements) from design to shipment are eliminated and costs are reduced, customer satisfaction is increased and flexibility to adapt to market conditions is gained.


Lean Manufactoring

  • To reveal and improve all processes in the period from material procurement to customer Delivery. (Value Stream Mapping)
  • Establishing a recurring system while meeting customer demands. (StdWrk)
  • Ensuring compliance between daily capacity and customer demands. (Takt Time & Std WIP)
  • Providing flow between materials and production by FIFO logic. (Super Market)
  • Ensure visual and physical standards in all processes. (5S and visual management)
  • Quick setup (SMED)
  • Level Loading
  • Sequencing
  • Kaizen

various development tools are used.

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