About Us

Using intensive workforce and up-to-date technology for production activities to requiring turnkey solutions.

Ulus Electronics has a closed area of 4500m2 in Kocaeli Çayırova region and continues its activities in the new building. We have been working in the electronics sector for more than 30 years experience in the field of winding circuit components, combining SMD card installation, testing and cabling.

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Our Production Services

7 days 24 hours service in electronic and electromechanical production

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Transformer Production

Serial production, prototype production and repair update services

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Electronic Card Manufacturing

Service with latest technology in electronic card production processes

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Cabling Production

Turnkey electromechanical productions

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R & D Technology

Ulus Elektronik is ready to provide service to its customers with R&D unit consisting of experienced engineers and high-tech production lines..

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