Our history started in 1983 named Emsa Transformer which was started
producing transformers only for GRUNDIG. In 1999 we started to work as Seda Transformer with a new partnership structure to increase our capital and production capabilities to serve customers outside of GRUNDIG. We continued to work on winding circuits and especially met the transformer needs of the companies operating in home electronics untill 2005.
Necmettin ÖZKURT, founded in 2005 by the decision of the company's shareholders to work on their own initiative, has established ULUS ELECTRONICS COMPANY, which was working in İstanbul-KARTAL between 31.10.2005 to 12.06.2017. Since 2010, the company has also established its own R & D department and has increased its product diversity and customer portfolio every year.
Since March 2017, In Kocaeli – Çayırova has its own property of 4.500 m2 closed area, moved to the new building to continue its activities here. It has more than 30 years experience in winding circuit elements in the electronics sector by combining printed circuit board typesetting and testing with cable grouping to produce turnkey solutions.
Our company has a professional management team that uses customer oriented, contemporary management techniques efficiently and has operational processes aimed at perfection in the world scale. Our product range is increasing every day according to customer demands and needs.

Our company (QMS) adopts ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System and (EMS) ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System philosophy. Considering the competitive elements with today's technology, we employ qualified personnel, quality materials, suitable machines to respond to customer requests.

In this direction, our company is constantly renewing itself. At present, our company is able to respond to every request of our customers.

Concepts such as Customs Union practices and membership in the European Union have brought intensive competition conditions. The increase of Consumer unions and quality product awareness has forced all businesses to work with quality and efficiency. In parallel with these developments, our company adopts a quality management system principle which organizes all activities in order to reflect the quality concept to production and customers at the highest level. We chose as a model ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Standards.
Our products can be produced to meet the world's major country standards such as TSE,VDE,BSI,CSA,UL,TUV,GS,SEMKO,nemko.


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Ulus Elektronik aims to exceed your expectations with its quality

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